The Electronic Records Committee (ERC) of the Congressional Papers Section (CPS) provides resources for institutions managing congressional electronic records within their repository. These resources include:

  • Sample electronic records policies that members can refer to when formulating their institution’s own policies.
  • Checklists of questions and actions that repositories should consider when acquiring new congressional collections.
  • List of vendors familiar with congressional office systems.
  • List of funding opportunities for digital preservation.
  • Links to online resources and tools.
  • Reading list of relevant literature.

ERC also provides the CPS Steering Committee with proposals and recommendations and gives updates at CPS annual meetings.

The Committee is composed of the following members:

  • Nathan Gerth, University of Nevada-Reno (ex-officio chair)
  • Michael Seminara, University of South Dakota
  • Alison White, United States Senate
  • Sheridan Styles, Rutgers University
  • Brandon Hirsch, National Archives and Records Administration (ex-officio)
  • John Caldwell, University of Delaware
  • Greg Pike, History Associates
  • Mary Goolsby, Baylor University

View our operational documents for further information.


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